Did you know that the dachshund is the only breed with the most coat
types,colors and patterns?

The Dachshund breed has only four base coat colors:

Dominant red is dominant to every other color.
Black & tan  is dominant to every other tan-pointed color except recessive
Chocolate & tan  is recessive to every other color.
Wild boar/sable is dominant to every other color except  dominant red.

All other colors are just varying shades of each of the four base colors.
Varying shades are due to dilution. For example:

A blue & tan  is a diluted black & tan.
An Isabella & tan is a diluted chocolate & tan.
A cream is a diluted red, although a different type of dilution from the blue &

There are four present patterns in Dachshunds which are:
(You will need to understand the difference between a color and a pattern.
Color is the base on which the pattern is set. Otherwise, any pattern can
occur on any color. For instance, red dapple, black & tan brindle, brindle
piebald or red piebald.)

1. Self  is a solid base color

2. Dapple  is spotting or marbling of a lighter color mixed in with the base
coat color. It can appear over any color. It is dominant which means one of
the parents must show pattern  for it to appear and it can also appear with
the piebald pattern. If dappling occurs in the eyes, one or both eyes will be
blue. or have blue flecks in them.

3. Brindle is a distinct tiger stripe pattern over the base coat color. It can
appear over any color. It is dominant which means one of the parents must
show the pattern for it to appear and it can appear with the piebald pattern.
Sometimes a puppy from a brindled parent can appear solid colored, when in
fact there is brindle present that goes unnoticed. This is known as a hidden
brindle. That puppy can produce brindled offspring. A black & tan dog will
show brindle only in the tan points.

4. Piebald  can be in any color and may or may not have ticking (small tiny
spots). The basic coat is white with spots in any color. Piebald is recessive
and must be on both sides of the pedigree to get it. The ticking on a piebald
is considered a dominant trait. A piebald bred to a piebald will produce a litter
of all piebald puppies. To be considered piebald, a dog must show white on
their neck, chest, all four legs, under body, and tail tip. A dog with less white
than this is not piebald, and should not be registered as such.

Black & tan

Black & cream

Blue & cream

Blue & tan


Chocolate & tan

Chocolate& cream

Isabella (fawn)

Isabella & tan


Wild Boar

Clear Red

Shaded Red

Black & Tan Piebald

Isabella & Tan

Chocolate & Tan

Blue&Tan Piebald

Red Piebald

Cream Piebald

Black & Tan Dapple

Red Dapple

Chocolate & Tan

Isabella Dapple

Blue & Tan Dapple

Silver Dapple

Red Brindle

Black & Tan Brindle