Meet the Crew
Smith's Barkery / A Bisquit & A Bath
Owner Lisa Andrews-Smith
The Smith family on Christmas Day 2008
This is our son Nicholas, he loves balloons.
Daddy, Nicky and one of our rescues, Naif.
Here is Nicky, proudly riding his new quad he got for
Nicky, helping Mommy to catch the dachshund puppies, he's all
proud!! He did it!!!!!
Nicky, letting the boarding dogs escape.
Christmas 2008
Nicky helping his Nonna, ( Grandma in Italian ) during
feeding time
Construction worker...... at his age????
When you ask for photos of our dachshund puppies, of course we have an
assistant to hold them for us
He was supposed to water the dogs!!! Oh well., what can you expect from a 2 year
old and water?????
Nicky' makes sure the dogs look good when Mommy is done grooming them. You
look beautiful!!!!!!!
Nicky with our little Naif. She was dropped off to be groomed 8 years ago and no one
ever picked her up.
Nicky as a construction worker, no wait a drummer like his uncle, no wait... Show host, nope... A
clown like his daddy
This would be me, Lisa, with my horse C.C.
Nicky and The Goon
Nicky and his best bud,
Peekaboo, we will miss
Nicky and K-Oss
Nicky wanting Naif to play in the sandbox, poor Naif
Nicky trying to teach Naif to go on the slide, oh
Nicky and Auntie Jemma, she is missed
Nicky with Lacee, our loyal companion and
Nicky with Mommy
Nicky with his Uncle Max and Eve from Germany, Christmas
Our Tigger
Happy New Year Mommy
Nicky with his Daddy, a fun day in Santa Monica, Ca
Some of our furry family
Nicky while he's helping with the
Mom & Nicky Easter 2009
Thanksgiving 2009