Thank you for stopping by. l have been grooming for over 15 years. l am a
single Mom and in order to spend time with my son and be able to
continue grooming, which to me is also a passion, l offer all breed dog
grooming from my home. l specialized in hand scissoring, have a cage
free environment and offer 1 hour dog grooming on most breeds. l am
conveniently located across the street from Food-Maxx on the corner of
Niles & Fairfax. You can drop off your dog, go grocery shopping or run
some errands, and by the time you are done, your dog will be ready to go

** Open 7 days a week, some holidays included
** Multiple dog discounts available
** Competitive prices
** 15 years experience
** Cage free environment
** Hand scissor specialist
** All breeds welcome
** No tranquillizers used
** Quiet, clean and friendly environment
** Pick up & drop off (additional charged apply)

What's included:

Bath & Brush only:

Bath, brush, ears cleaned, nails trimmed, anal glands,sanitary, bandana /
bows and doggie cologne

The works ( full groom):

Bath, brush, professional haircut, ears cleaned, nails trimmed, anal
glands, bandana / bows and doggie cologne

All our grooming clients get spoiled with biscuits and treats, when they are
finished being groomed, they get to run freely in our safe doggie area.
Crates are only used for the less friendly or if asked to crate them. Your
dog has plenty of water available and clean blankets to lay on.


                                    Bath & Brush Only                Full Groom

Small dog up to 20 lbs              $18.00 to $20.00                        $30.00

Medium dog up to 35 lbs          $20.00 to $25.00                         $35.00

Large dogs                                $25.00 to $28.00                      $45.00 to $55.00

Chow chows and chow mixes                                                    $55.00 to $70.00

Very matted dogs and extra            $ 5.00

Teeth brushing an extra                 $  5.00

Flea & tick dip an extra                   $10.00

Nails only                                        $  5.00

Monthly discount rates available.

********All new clients $5.00 off the first visit*********

Call for an appointment today

Groomed Dogs
Millie before                                  After
Pierre before                                    After
Rusty before                           After
Molly before                After
Muskett before                          After
Roco before                      After
Bear before                                 After
Missy before                      After
Romeo before                      After
Blazer before                   After
Brandy before                            After
Ginger                               Fuji
Sloan                           KT                       Jolee
Buddy                           Leah                      Leah
Lacee                              Naif
Gennie                             Katelynn        
Aunt Jemima             Katelynn
Cricket                      Kona
Mitzi before                                         After
Penny before                            After
Baby before                               After
Baby before                               After
Lucy before                             After
Napoleon before                  After
Holly before                       After
Eddie   before                         After
madison   before                         After
gizmo   before                                After
harley   before                           After
faith   before                             After
kramer  before                          After
gyspy  before                               After
skipper  before                          After
al  before                                      After
dolly                                              fancy
        A BISQUIT & A BATH

                          All breed dog grooming
                   located in Bakersfield, California
              Open everyday from 7am to 2pm
                    please call for appointment
winston before                          after
Chewy mastiff
Punkie, peekapoo                                     after
Chesy before                                       after
Chichy before                                       after
charlie  before                                       after
princess  before                                       after
princess  before                                       after
chloe  before                                       after
joey before                                       after
miles before                                       after