Purchase and Deposit

A non-refundable deposit is required to hold a puppy/dog. It will not be refunded if you change your mind for ANY
reason. This insures the seller that you are serious in purchasing the puppy/dog and have taken all steps to pay the
balance of the puppy/dog in full. If you change your mind about buying the puppy/dog any and all money on the
puppy/dog will NOT be refunded or transferred to another puppy/dog in the litter or a different litter .  The funds paid
on the puppy/dog is then forfeited to the Breeder. If you find that perfect puppy/dog and you want us to hold him/her,
we ask you to send two hundred dollars down which is non-refundable. One Hundred dollars is the minimum
requirement on any puppy/dog to hold.

If for ANY reason the Buyer does not complete the purchase before the puppy is 8 weeks of age, all money placed on
the puppy will not be refunded or transferred to a different litter or any puppy in that litter and any funds paid on the
puppy is then forfeited to the Breeder. There is no holding of a puppy after 8 weeks of age unless there is a weather
related issue and we are unable to ship. The price of the puppy/dog is to be paid before picking up or shipping of any

Payments accepted by:

Postal Money Orders that are sent NEXT DAY (Post Office) I will then ask you to supply me with a tracking number, (I
do NOT take bank money orders or any other type of money orders they have to be from the United States Post
Office) because most cases the banks put a 30 day hold on them since they are out of state, thus delaying you of
receiving your pet.  I DO NOT take paypal!  I DO NOT accept checks of any type, even from banks including cashiers
checks. Sorry no personal checks for deposits or payments, due to previous problems. If you send a check, the
check will be returned back! Last and Final Payment of the puppy, if you are picking up by meeting me will need to be
paid in CASH only.

Note: by placing a non refundable deposit down or a payment in full you also agree to all terms about deposits, and
also agree to all terms of the Puppy Contract Agreement.

No puppy/dogs will be held without a deposit. To be fair to each person all puppies/dogs will be sold to the first loving
family who sends a deposit to hold a puppy. The deposit is a guarantee that the buyer will complete the purchase by
sending the rest of the money before shipping.  If your puppy/dog does not require shipping and you are driving to
pick up your puppy /dog a deposit is still required to hold a puppy. If you put a non refundable deposit down or a
payment in full and something happens to the puppy prior to shipping or meeting the money will not be refunded.
There is no refund of the purchase price! This is a replacement guarantee only. The breeder reserves the right to a
possible waiting times of 1 year or more to make the replacement, as puppies are not always available. The
replacement puppy will be of the same quality, sex and color originally purchased unless agreed otherwise. The
replacement puppy will be selected by the breeder from the next available litter.

Our Right to Refuse:

We have the right to refuse sale to any puppies/dogs or provide services to any person at any time for any reason
even if you have placed a deposit on a puppy/dog or payment in full. Some of the reasons for this are to include but
not limited to. Puppy didn't clear health certificate, do not think puppy is ready to go, health issues, attachment
issues, decided we want to keep as we do get attached to our puppies/dogs too. Including finding information that
was not disclosed prior to the sale or during the sale process, for example you say have two dogs and you have 10
dogs etc. Including finding out that you are a breeder not only for dachshunds but including a breeder for another
breed. For any reason we decided to not sell you a puppy or dog your deposit or payment in full will be returned to
you. If you purchased a puppy, once the litter of puppies has been sold we will refund your money. If you purchased
an adult, the money will be returned to you in 12 weeks from the time you receive our written notice that we are
indeed returning your money.

Shipping Money:

Shipping also needs to be paid in full before the puppy is 7 weeks of age so shipping arrangements can be made.
Breeder will not hold a puppy if shipping is not paid in full by 7 weeks of age.  If it is not paid in full, no money will be
refunded and all funds paid on this puppy will then be forfeited to the Breeder. If for any reason the Buyer does not
complete the purchase before the puppy is 8 weeks of age, all money placed on the puppy will not refunded or
transferred to a different litter or any other puppy and any funds paid on the puppy is then forfeited to the Breeder.
There is no holding of any puppy after 8 weeks of age. The price is to be paid before picking up or shipping .


Shipping is quite easy, only difficult when dealing with weather conditions. Federal regulations prohibit shipping live
animals below 45 degrees and above 85 degrees during departure, arrival, or while making connections. Remember
that each airline has its own variations on regulations and services. When making reservations note there are
restrictions on the numbers of animals permitted. Some days are not always available as someone else might of
booked that day already. We ship by Air and offer shipping anywhere in the continental United States if permitted by
the airlines.

All puppies and dogs over the age of 12 weeks will be required to be vaccinated for rabies. This is not an option. The
cost is $30.00- the buyer will be responsible for this cost plus the price of shipping.    Shipping is running
approximately $400 at this time depending on which airline we choose to use it could change.  I personally like to use
continental for the simple fact that the cargo hold is climate controlled and normally we do not have to worry about
weather conditions. I have used Delta many times as well and they do fine, but you have to deal with the weather, so
sometimes it can be delayed or difficult.  If we have to choose some other airlines the buyer and myself will work
together to choose the best one and the one that fits into both our scheduling.

Note: Delta is a one day in advanced booking. Usually there is no advanced notice of when the puppy/dog will ship
using Delta/Skywest. The price ranges just for shipping airfare itself 225.00 and higher depending on weight of the
animal plus taxes and surcharges plus you will need - crate, health certificate, acclimation, Gas to get back and forth,
plus it covers the coast of parking at the airport as that price can be up to or more then $15.00 and a Rabies shot if
necessary. Puppies will not be shipped before 8 weeks of age no exceptions, due to Federal Regulations! Shipping
has to be prepaid before leaving to their new home. I do not want any puppies left at an airport unattended is why
prepayment of shipping is required before hand plus some airlines like continental require shipping be prepaid. All
puppies that need shipping will need to be examined by a Vet and have a Health Certificate and Acclimation also a
proper sized crate according to airline regulations. The crate has to be airline approved. I have been asked this many
times about someone sending a crate owned by them. Sorry, at this time we will not accept outside crates to be sent
here to ship the new puppy.

I am very sorry about the prices of shipping, but I can't control the airlines and neither can any other breeder.

Your Papers:

Your papers will be mailed to a couple of days prior to shipping your puppy.

How does shipping Work? Great question.....

You send me the shipping money by the form of the accepted type of payments listed above. Once shipping money is
received I will start calling or wait till it is time to get ready to ship. I can only schedule shipping through an airline 7
days prior and the earliest 24 hour notice. I will need some information from you first.

First and Last name, address, phone number including alt. phone number.

I then will ask you what is the nearest airport and then the next airport at least three airports in your area. I do know
that some airports might be a ways away, do know that some are a drive, that is why I try for first choice. I first call the
Vet to schedule an appointment to for a Health Certificate and Acclimation. Once I find a airline I set up a time for
shipping the puppy. Usually the puppy will leave in the early morning. Sometimes that puts me leaving my house at 3
am to be at the airport by 5 am.

The earlier the flight the sooner the puppy will get to you. Most flights go out about 8-10 am in the morning, having
the puppy being there at 5 or 6 am and arriving mid afternoon to late evening depending on far away you live. Some
flights are very short while others are longer. The night before I try to keep the puppy up with me as I am a late
nighter and stay up very late, this way the puppy sleeps while on the flight and it is much easier that way.

What if the puppy becomes hungry on the flight.

Got that covered too. The puppy goes to the airport with puppy food and water supplied. Usually I put puppy
bones/biscuits in with the puppy in the crate. The airlines tells us that we need to have absorbent material in the
bottom of the crate in case of accidents. I use shredded newspaper. By putting this in the crate and putting
bones/biscuits in the bottom of the crate it also is like a toy or a game of hide and seek. The crate is an airline
approved crate which is able for the puppy to be shipped in. The puppy needs enough room to stand and sit in the
crate. And no, we can't ship puppies in boxes. The puppy usually will have one to two layovers depending where the
puppy is shipped out of and where the puppy is going. The airline usually feeds and waters the puppy when they are
on a layover. I have found that many times just taking them to the airport has been a challenge. People of all types
and all ages want to hold the puppies including the flight attendants and security. In my experience the Airlines and
Flight Attendants really love and enjoy playing and feeding the puppies. I do recommend after the puppy has arrived
to not push food right away.  As they might be a little air sick. Kind of like Car Sick I wait about 15 minutes and then
feed and water them, only a little at a time at first. Let them out to go the bathroom and stretch their legs.

What do I need when I go to the Airport?

After I call the Airlines on most cases a Air bill number will be given to me. I will then in return give that number to you.
Some flights you do not know until the day of what the air bill number will be, others you know right after I call them
and book a flight. You will need that number in order to get your puppy so write it down in a safe place and
somewhere where you will not forget it. Even though you are excited about your new puppy. Never take your puppy
from the airport to a rest area or a gas station because the more traffic the more you are opening the possibility to
having a disease being given by to your puppy. Make sure your puppy has a full series of shots prior to going to
public area


To arrive at the airport at least 1 hour ahead of time.

Drivers License or Government Id

Social Security Card or another form of ID so, at least two forms of ID

Also, don't forget to right down your air bill number and take that with you.

You will need that number in order to get your puppy. Very Important.

Other things you might want to take with you to the airport.

One dry towel in case of an accident in the crate.

One wet towel to wipe puppy off in case of an accident.

Bowl for food and water.

A collar and a leash.

Paper towels in case the puppy gets car sick.

Puppy Food

Cash to pay airline parking, short term parking.

If you have children most want pop or candy from vending machines while waiting for the puppy to arrive.

Buyer Agreement

1. Breeder is not responsible for any charges incurred by buyer including vet bills once the puppy/dog leaves the
breeders possession.
If for some reason something medically such as illness or death but not limited to, does happen to your puppy/dog -
You agree by signing this or placing a deposit down or payment in full.  You agree that breeder will not be sued, filed
against or try to be rewarded any type of compensation for emotional distress, mental distress, or any type of pain
and suffering you will be agreeing to, that no type of damages will be sought.

2. We are not responsible for charges for Health Exams, Vaccinations including rabies and nasal vaccinations,
prevention or treatment of parasites internal or external.  All veterinarian care, charges or fees in diagnosing or
treatment of any illness, disease, or disorder is the sole responsibility of Buyer.
The breeder has no control over the puppy/ dog's new environment, exposure, food intake, veterinarian care and
socialization once it leaves breeders home and breeders possession.

3.The maximum the Buyer is able to sue the Breeder for is 10% of the purchase price. Shipping including airfare,
crate and health certificate any or all charges associated with Shipping will never be returned or partially given back
as those are charges assessed by airlines.

4. We can not guarantee temperament of any dog or puppy.  We can only tell you how they have acted in the past
and how they acted with us.  The new owners will also have to be very consistent at training to make this pet as their
ideal dog.  At times the puppy/dogs are training you, because you do not realize what you are doing is not
necessarily good but believe it is so.

5. Our Right to Refuse Sale- We have the right to refuse sale of any puppies/dogs or provide services to any person
at any time for an reason even if you have placed a deposit on a puppy/dog or payment in full.   Since agreeing to
this - there will be no fees or money owed because our right to refuse sale- such as emotional loss, distress, missing
out on another puppy, loss of time, etc; those are just examples.
Some of the reason for this are included but not limited to:
Puppy didn't clear health certificate, do not think puppy is ready to go, health issues, attachment issues, decided we
want to keep said pup. This also includes the discovery of information that was not disclosed prior to the sale or
during the sale process; for example, you say you have two dogs but you actually have 10 etc.
For any reason we decide to not sell you a puppy/dog your deposit or payment in full, if it is our fault, will be returned
to you. If you bought a puppy, once the whole litter is sold, we will refund you the money.  If you purchased an adult,
the money will be returned to you within 12 weeks from our written notice that we will be returning your money.

6. If for ANY reason, natural disaster, divorce, death, allergies, medically you are unable to care for your puppy/dog
or the dog is no longer desired by the buyer, contact the breeder immediately. As breeder, by signing this contract or
agreeing to this contract I get right of first choosing of said pup which prevents the dog to be resold without my
approval or knowledge. . If I decide to take the puppy/dog back, YOU MUST include all paperwork such as all vet
records, and proof of rabies vaccination. All AKC papers will have to be given to the breeder and AKC papers signed
over so the breeder can put the dog back in breeder's name.  If the breeder agrees to take back the animal, it will be
at no charge to the breeder except for shipping, no puppy back, nothing.  Failure to do so, may result in legal action
to reclaim possession of the said animal and the buyer agrees to be held responsible for any and all cost incurred by
the breeder to do so.   By agreeing to this contract you agree not to sell, trade or transfer the dog without written
consent from the seller.   If you ask for written notice for approval to rehome the animal, the breeder will contact the
person in which you are thinking of placing the pet with and make sure the puppy/dog will be well taken care of.  The
breeder has the right to refuse the written request.   If you ask for written notice the puppy/dog needs prior approval,
meaning the breeder will contact the person in which you are thinking of placing the pet with.   The breeder does take
first option and the breeder will not buy the puppy/dog back.   The breeder is responsible for all shipping charges to
get the puppy/dog back in the breeders possession.    If I do find that you have sold, traded or transferred the
puppy/dog without a written notice and prior approval there will be a fee/fine assessed to you for any and all attorney
fees, which will be the responsibility of the buyer.  By no means do we want our puppies/dogs to end up in the pound,
shelter or rescue.

7. Although we do not require that you spay or neuter we highly suggest that you look into your options and consult a
licensed vet in your area.
In some cases many organizations offer programs that will cover or at least help out with that cost!
Failure to show proof of veterinary visit in said amount of time will deem this contract Null and Void...No exceptions....

***By agreeing to this Purchase Agreement whether signing or placing a deposit or buying a pup, you are agreeing
that you have had the opportunity to read the information in the agreement above