Puppy Tips


All our puppies leave our home with age appropriate vaccinations,
dewormings and receive a full health examination by our vet, Dr.
Lohr at Nile Point Veterinary Hospital.

Please take some time and read this information sheet. This will
help you with upset tummies due to change of environment.

What's included with your new puppy:

** AKC registration papers
**Vaccination and dewormings
** Health certificate issued by our vet
** Written health guarantee
** Nutro Hollistic Superfood
** Chew toys
** Blanket
** Liver treats

Deworming schedule:

We are NOT  veterinarians, we follow our vets advice on deworming our Dachshund
Moms and their puppies.

~ Two weeks prior to going into season we treat our Moms with Panacur for 3 days.
This is because the females are most vulnerable to parasites throughout conception,
pregnancy, whelping and rearing their puppies.
* Birth, on the second day the Moms are treated with Nemex for 2 days.
* Puppies are treated with Nemex at 2-3-4 weeks of age.
* At 6 weeks our dachshund puppies are treated  with Drontal Plus
* At 8 weeks of age, when the puppies receive their first shots, they are treated  with

If our Dachshund Puppies get loose stools, we retreat off schedule. Fecal tests are
Notorious for coming back as false negative. It has nothing to do with the skill of the
tester, some parasites are harder to detect. It is also important to bring a stool
sample in to your vet when you bring your puppy in for  it's second set of shots.

Bringing home your new puppy:

It is very common that when you bring home your new puppy, it can have loose
stools and even diarrhea. This does not mean your puppy has parasites, but could
easily have been stressed out due to change of environment. It is very important to
keep your puppy quiet for the first few days, start a daily routine, bond with your
puppy, DO NOT change your puppies diet. If you feel the necessity to change your
puppies diet, please do it gradually, to avoid further stress on your puppy. If your
puppy doesn't seem to be eating properly or has loose stools, boil some boneless,
skinless chicken and white rice. This will help settle your puppy's digestive system.
Until your puppy is fully vaccinated, please avoid pet stores, dog parks, grooming
shops, and when you have to go to the vet, carry your puppy in and don't let him
play with other dogs. There are many airborne diseases that can harm or even kill
your puppy. They are very vulnerable to diseases until they are fully vaccinated. If
you bought your puppy at 8 weeks of age, they have only had their first set of shots.
Also try to keep your puppy away from strangers. Take this time to bond with your
puppy. Pictures are a great way to show off your puppy.  Scrap booking has also
become quite popular.
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