Hi Lisa,
I remember trying to make my friend feel better when she lost her dog by trying to tell her "it's just a dog".
In as little time as the drive from our house I realized how wrong I was.
The first 2 weeks have gone by without much as a hiccup. I have spared no expenses in keeping these
dogs happy, healthy and friendly. Potty and crate training are going very well. Both dogs seem to be making
progress at equal rates ( even  though Frank is a whiner.) The first few days I  felt like an over protective
father.... so much as a sneeze, and I felt
the need to go to the vet. The boys first visit went well, the doctor, ( are they doctors?) said we have two
puppies which weighed in at 2lbs. 5oz. for Charlie, and 2lbs. 12 oz. for Frank. On 8/16/2007 we took the
boys for their second set of shots. Frank being the whiner, really let us know his dislike for them vocally.
Charlie did as well, but being more mild mannered & quiet, he was much easier to endure. The weigh in as
of Thursday is as follows- Charlie, a modest 2lbs. 8oz., while Frank seemed to balloon to 3lbs. 7oz. The vet
said they were both healthy, but we will watch Frank's intake regularly. Other then puppy chewing on
everything, BUT their chew toys, it has been a breeze.
I would like to thank you again and wish you the best of luck with everything in your life.
PS. We cannot take them ANYWHERE without attracting a small crowd and getting
battered with 20 questions. I don't mind too much, I am quite proud of  having such
wonderful dogs.
Andy & Isabelle


Hi Lisa & Nicholas,  

I am adjusting real good to my  new home, they are treating me real well, I am getting a little spoiled, but I do
miss the pitter patter of all my friends at your house, they have 6 grandkids, I have met all of them and they
seem to like me fine too. Thanks for telling Kim about the liver treats, because I really like them better, I am
learning to go potty outside and so for that they give me a treat, so I a trying real hard.
So, don't worry about me, you have sent e to a very loving family!!!
Thinking of you,


Hi Lisa,                                                                               

" Lisa was very personable and helpful in advising my husband and I about picking our puppy. She spouted
a lot of information about the breed both of what we had read in books ( which is validating ) and things we
didn't know. Our puppy is the sweetest, easy tempered little guy we could have asked for. Lisa is always
available to answer questions about her puppies which she takes great care of, you can tell she loves her
animals and loves what she does. She is the breeder we had hoped to find and so glad we did. " Remy "
has become the addition to our family I had been dreaming of for years... I'm so happy he's finally here
thanks to the good work of Lisa Smith. "
Anthony & Erika Kramer


Hi Lisa,

Faith (aka Hannah) is doing GREAT!!! She is eating, playing, loving and sleeping like she has been with us
forever. She loves her new family - and we love her - ( Sadie is having a little adjustment issues ) The vet
said she is in good health.
Thanks again Lisa - we just adore her - She has a fiesty personality.... we call her Fiesty


I love Lisa! She is so wonderful to my 3 children (dogs). When we start to pull up to Lisa's house my dogs
go nuts in thecar. They love it there so much. If you ever need boarding or grooming for your dogs take
them to Lisa, she is the greatest in the world.
Shivon B.


I have purchased 2 dogs from Lisa and I have had 2 wonderful outcomes. I love her place and her
puppies/dogs. I love to visit her grounds because you are always welcome and her place is so clean and
ALL of her dogs are so well taken care of.
Donna G.

I got two of the sweetest Dachshunds (Sasha & Keisha) from Lisa. They have the best temperament of any
dogs I have had. They are my kids and I love them a lot. I would highly recommend her if you want a dog.
Joan Traylor

Hi Lisa,
Just a little note to let you know Mary is doing very well. When I took her to the vet, he said she was a
perfect little "wiener" and must have come from a good breeder. Made us feel real good. Thanks again for
welcoming us into your kennel when we came to pick her up. Keep up the good work.
Take care,

Lisa is an excellent breeder, one who take the time to get to know the family before she places a puppy with
them. She takes the time to ask questions about your lifestyle, personality, and what you are looking for in a
dog. Lisa helps make the decisions easy and chose the right puppy for my husband and myself. Bandit has
been a wonderful addition to our family, and is a great little brother for his sister Betsy who is 5 years old. I
would highly recommend Lisa to anyone that is looking for a puppy.
Robbie, Ron, Bandit, Betsy and Kiki (the cat)

I met Lisa through her website, looking for a stud for my female doxie. I fell in lovewith Puncher and decided
to use him as a stud. I was very happy with the litter I got from him. His puppies went to loving homes and
are great little dogs! I have also used Lisa's boarding service when I went on vacation. My dogs showed no
apprehension when I dropped them off and were happy as could be when I picked them up. I also have
purchased a puppy from Lisa as well. A cute little dapple male to breed to my female. He has an awesome
personality and the most lovable dog anyone could ask for. I plan to keep using Lisa's services for I feel my
doxies are very spoiled during their stay at her facility and well taken care of. Thank you Lisa for everything,
all your knowledge and help has been great the last few years. I love my Gannon very much and the
owner's of Puncher & Rottie's litter love those pups unconditionally.
Alexis Patrick

We are so happy with our  puppy Moe, from Smith's Barkery. He is a chocolate and tan with green eyes. It
was so easy to potty train him, (that was one of my biggest concerns), but it was a snap. He was used to
using the potty papers and the doggie door. So, when we took off in the motor home (he was only 4 months
old) it was no problem. He would
let me know when he wanted out. He thinks the motor home is his house, and is ready to take his next trip. I
have let friends know, that if they are thinking about getting a dog, to consider Smith's Barkery, cause they
are partly potty trained.
Carol & Bob

After searching quite a long time for a quality healthy yorkie, I learned of Lisa through an acquaintance who
had purchased puppies from her before and spoke very highly of her. Lisa sold me a puppy from her first
litter of yorkies and I was truly impressed with everything about Lisa, her home, her kennels and her
professionalism. My husband and I visited several times before bringing home our puppy (Bailey). The
grounds were clean and well kept, the puppies and all the dogs were happy and well fed. Our transaction
was handled in a very professional manner. I always feel free to
contact her if I have any questions or concerns. Bailey is almost 2 years old and very healthy and happy.
He has a wonderful personality and loves playing and rough housing with our 4 grandchildren. He's a
beautiful dog with a beautiful coat. Our groomer said she's never groomed a dog with such silky, nice coat.
When we're ready
for a second yorkie, this is the only place I would go to purchase one. His temperament
is exceptional and I would trust Lisa totally in any business transaction.
Janet A.


It has been only a few weeks and we are just so happy to have little Baron in our lives. He is beyond our
expectations. He is cute, clever and a ham rolled into that little hot dog body. I took him to work last week
and everyone just wanted to take him home. In the Ladie's Department, Baron has all 5 women sales clerks
surround him as he ran to each one of them and gave them puppy kisses and tiny bites of affection. He
certainly has a fan club in San Francisco. Baron is a star and it could not have happened without you Lisa.
You have brought together the correct elements of
temperament and AKC dachshund standards to make Baron the lovable hot dog with a great personality.
Every where we go, the Baron just melts everyone's hearts and garners great attention.
My Boss, Mr. Bashford, has said that " Baron is a winner!.....of course, he could have meant that Baron is a
Wiener, or a Whiner. But, he definately said " Winner!", and by that he meant that Smith's Barkery is the
birthplace of winners. Baron von Hund thanks you and we do to!
Frank, Norman & Dasha (Borzoi)

Hi Lisa,

Just wanted to send you a quick note on how much we are enjoying Brandy, AKA Megan, she is a
chocolate & tan with a little dapple that we got on Nov 22, 2008.
She is so smart and so active!!! She gives our other two dogs, a chihuahua/dachshund mix and a Jack
Russell Terrier mix, a run for their money. She is so spunky and relentless!! She is training well and a pure
joy to have. Thank you so much for raising such beautiful puppies!! She is everything that we could want in
a dachshund.
Ellen Kuehl

Lisa, this is our baby Gwen. We have been meaning to send you pictures, but obviously most of our time is
being occupied by our little girl now .We are so happy with her, she has been nothing but a joy in our life
and to anyone that meets her. Believe it or not, she is ALREADY potty trained.. she scrathes on the door to
go out. Thank you so much for giving us a chance to finally have the dog of our dreams!!!

-Sara, Marty & Gwen

We got our puppy in August and could not be more in love! Everything went so smoothly with buying him
and picking him up. He is the best thing that happened to our family! Thank you Lisa! He is VERY spoiled!!
He thinks he rules the house! And he loves his big brother! (Duke and Harley)
Archie Corrales

Hi Lisa,
I thought you might want to see this Kimi (Pixie) is doing great we love her so much! She fits right in, and
rules the roost. We took her out trick or treating and the whole neighborhood loved her and turbo. Thank
You again for her. Kim

Attention to all puppy buyers,
I want to let you all know my experience in buying a puppy from Lisa. In November 2008, Lisa contacted me
2 days before picking up my puppy, letting me know she thought she had parvo on her property and would
not release any of her puppies. She gave me the option to refund my deposit, or wait an extra 2 weeks to
see what would happen. She handled the situation very well and I ended up bringing home my puppy. I took
the puppy to my vet and she told me the puppy was in great health and the breeder had done an excellent
job raising my puppy. I had heard of Lisa from a friend that had purchased 3 dachshunds from her on 3
seperate occasions and was very impressed with her facility and knowledge on the breed. I do not believe
the accusations that others are writing about her and her dogs. When I am ready for another dachshund I
will only go to Lisa, I highly recommend her, as I think she is an honest and reputable person.
Cindy Harmon, Simi Valley California

I forgot to tell you everyone loves him!!  I have never seen such a response from a pup before!  I have even
had to pass along your website and phone number!!  So don't be surprised if you start getting calls!
Dear Lisa:

I’ve been meaning to write to you about our sweet Lilly. She has proven to be the perfect little puppy.
Besides being a gorgeous miniature dachshund (her chocolate color is deep and rich), she conforms
predictably to the dachshund breed in terms of her personality and temperament. She can be wonderfully
active and playful, but what she loves most of all is to just curl up on our laps and be close to us. It is truly
her most favorite activity. And who wouldn’t love a little mini dachshund on their lap? Housebreaking
progressed very quickly. Within the first week home, she made the connection that being outside with us
meant doing her business. Her only accidents are when we misjudge when she has to go outside, but she
also knows we are displeased with her when she does this. I am really impressed with the speed that Lilly
has shown with housebreaking. I thought it would be much more of a challenge. She also has such
adorable habits. Her favorite position on our laps is to snuggle down deep and bury her head between our
knees. All you end up seeing is the top of her little head.
Wherever we go, she is very much noticed. Of course this is so because she really is so cute. But she also
conforms so nicely to the breed. She has all the attributes that make dachshunds so desirable.
As you know, we’ve wanted a dachshund puppy for a very long time, and this is our first experience with a
dog in our family. You, as the breeder, and Lilly, as the pup, have made this first experience for us
rewarding and delightful. We could not have asked for a more perfect puppy and such a knowledgeable
and supportive breeder. Thank you, Lisa.
Hi Lisa

The girls are getting along great! They love to play, sometimes Lucy gets a little rough and sometimes
Juliet attaches her self to Lucy's cheek But they love it. They also love to cuddle. I have caught Lucy
grooming Juliet, it is so sweet. Lucy also protects Juliet from the cat.( Who slapped Juliet on the second
day.)  Juliet is already starting to bark, Im Lucy has helped out on that one. We couldn't ask for better dogs
they are great! Thank you soo much!!
Lisa,  Joe and I wanted to share with you the delight that our new little fella has brought us.  After
losing a very precious dauschund, Chipper, that we had for 15 years, we never thought we could
love another dog.  Then I met you over the internet and learned about your program.  We
received our very special little boy, Sully Longo May on February 1st.  You were able to get him
a straight flight from LAX to Orlando, Florida.  Since he has arrived we have been overwhelmed
with the response from our friends and family about how gorgeous his markings are and the
striking eye color.  Not only is he gorgeous, but his personality is top notch!  We could not have
hope for anything better!  Thank you so much Lisa for showing us that we could LOVE again.  
Sincerly,  Joe and Marsha May